This mystery/thriller pits twelve young children against a formidable captor, a witch who casts them into a spell to live in the river Kai as spirits.

The children are divided into two opposing groups: the wood spirits and the river spirits. The river spirits can escape the spell and return home as children but only with dire consequences for the wood spirits and for nature.

The children learn that it is only through trust, camaraderie and teamwork do they have a chance to return home to their families. However, when a wood spirit named Faith suffers the consequences of Toby Witherspoon’s daring escape, all bets are off, even though a greater threat emerges on the banks of the river Kai.

For further information about the origins of the story, the characters please visit FAQs and Blogs.

The Glass Table and its sequel, Shards are available at all major online retailers including Barnes & NobleAmazonThe Book DepositorySmashwordsBookworldBooktopia.

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