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Radio Interview with Larry and John, CBS Pittsburgh


I had the pleasure this week of talking with the legendary Larry Richter and John Shumway on their morning show on KDKA, CBS Pittsburgh. We discussed the intrusion of smart phones in our lives, and whether talking and texting simultaneously is multi-tasking or just plain rude. You can listen to the interview from their website.

Larry mentioned that his wife, while watching TV together, is usually also on her iPad, and when she misses something critical, she will rewind the show to the appropriate place. Larry did not think this was fair since he is paying attention and can do without the interruption. This approach had not occurred to me primarily because I am rarely in control of the remote control in our household, which can be rectified. My approach, until now, has been to ask my husband, “what did he say?” or “what just happened?” which he also finds annoying for some strange reason.

I actually knew quite a bit about Pittsburgh before the interview because our friends and travelling companions, Donna and Terry live there – born and breed. This means I also know some Pittsburghese. And to ensure we practice our language skills regularly, our friends gave us a Pixburghese talking keychain when we caught up with them in Africa last month. One of those cultural sharings includes, “Yinz are Jag Offs”, which I’m saddened to report my husband now uses, by pressing the key chain button, in response to any and all inquiries aimed at his person. Communication in our household has suffered as a result – or improved, depending on your perspective.

Some quick pointers about the wonderful city of Pittsburgh:

  1. It’s football team is the Steelers (or Stillers in the local dialect), which originates from the extensive steel trade that was the foundation of the city. Pittsburgh has won more Super Bowl titles and AFC Championship Games than any other AFC or NFC team. The Steelers also share the record for most Super Bowl appearances with the Dallas Cowboys. Impressive – now I understand why I ‘follow’ them. Out of interest and sheer irrelevance, my nephew is also contracted to the Cowboys – but it’s the North Queensland Cowboys and the sport is Rugby League (Australia).
  2. The Allegheny river joins the Monogahela river in Pittsburgh to form the Ohio River. Downtown (or Dahn Tahn) Pittsburgh is situated at the confluence of the two rivers, and looks quite spectacular.
  3. According to our friends, it’s the best place in the world, and we absolutely must, and will, get there one day this decade.

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