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Radio interview Leigh K Cunningham with Jordana Green, CBS Minnesota

A special thank you to the lovely Jordana Green at CBS Minnesota for her ‘air’ time last Friday night. We talked about smart phones and social networks and how they can consume our lives. We can’t live without them so we need to ensure they don’t take control over our ‘real’ lives and relationships.

Listen to the Podcast. Visit Jordana’s Blog and/or tune into her radio show.

All I knew about Minnesota before the interview was that it is in the mid-west, close to Canada, and likely to be very, very cold, especially for a girl from Australia who has lived near the equator for nigh on a decade (Singapore).
Now I know that Minnesota means ‘sky-tinted water’ – sounds divine –  and it is known as the Land of 10,000 Lakes. The lakes, forests, parks and wilderness areas offer an outdoor lifestyle, which, being Australian, I certainly do appreciate. Not surprisingly therefore, Minnesota is one of the healthiest states in the US.

Minnesota also has a high rate of civic participation and has a highly literate population (this was obvious talking with Jordana!). There is a large proportion of residents of Scandinavian descent (as am I – great, great grandfather) and it is the center of Scandinavian American culture.

Nearly 60% of residents live in the Minneapolis-Saint Paul area, known as the Twin Cities, as is their baseball team.

It looks and sounds like a place I should visit! My bucket list overflows.

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